Bunita Marcus - Music for Japan (1983)
In-house production (2010)

Track list:

  1. Music for Japan (20:00) for flute, clarinet, harp, piano and percussion

Ensemble Adapter
Manuel Nawri, conductor

“Music for Japan is one of my most challenging pieces and difficult to play. In this work I tried to write an ugly piece. Some say I did not succeed.“ --Bunita Marcus, January 2008

"A significant aspect of Bunita Marcus' Music for Japan is in the composer finding just the right approach to the composition's continuity. It is a music of diverse and evocative imagery, which unfolds without repetition or the customary devises for extension and variation. The work is linked together by a deceptively simple alignment of time grids (in varying degrees of coordination) both in its vertical and horizontal construction. In this regard, Marcus has composed a uniquely personal and boldly designed music, whose unhindered pacing and invented shapes create an almost hallucinatory response in the listener." --Morton Feldman, January 1983