Ensemble Adapter und Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

Synchronizing Berlin – Hong Kong
2 cities - 2 stages - 1 concert
Internet concert
April 2011

Ten musicians, located in two different cities, perform together: two new compositions especially written for this occasion. The two ensembles' sound and image will be transmitted live via the internet. The transmission happens with a delay of more than one second. Due to this delay the Berlin audience perceives Ensemble Adapter earlier than Hong Kong New Music Ensemble within the performance.

The audience in Hong Kong, on the other hand, perceives their ensemble first. This difference is meant to be, it is worked into the compostions themselves. The audience in Berlin and Hong Kong will experience the same concert - in two different versions.

Music:  Ensemble Adapter | Hong Kong New Music Ensemble
Composition: Paul Friedrich Frick | LAM Lai
Video: Aron Kitzig | Jason Wong
Technical director: Felix Dreher | ping musik
Production manager: Michael Karl Schmidt | ping musik