Tom Rojo Poller | Chamber music 2004-2007
CD released on TORO Music (2010)

Tack list:

  1. Aporie (Über die Zeit) (2006) 
    for clarinet, cello, harp, piano and percussion
  2. Nomoi (2004) 
    for flute, clarinet, piano and percussion
  3. Motetus (2004)
    for flute, harp and percussion
  4. Constellatio splendens (2005)
    for alto flute, french horn, cello, harp and percussion
  5. Hyperborea (2007) 
    for flute, clarinet, harp, piano and percussion
  6. Gehen (nach Thomas Bernard) (2006)
    for alto flute, clarinet, french horn, cello, harp, piano and percussion
  7. Bastards (Paul Frick Cross-Remix)


„Gehen“ is reflecting the close collaboration between Ensemble Adapter and Berlin based composer Tom Rojo Poller. All chamber music works written for the ensemble between 2004 and 2007 are presented for the first time on one CD.

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