Adapter News 11/18

Portrait Simon Løffler
Instrumente, Lichter & Motoren

Mi | 7. November | 20:00
G((o))ng Tomorrow | Kopenhagen
Fr | 9. November | 20:30
Unterdeck | Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
Sa | 10. November | 21:00
4:3 Kammermusik Neu | Dresden
Mi | 14. November | 20:30
Rotation 2018 | ExRotaprint Berlin

a (2010) for children's instruments
b (2012) for neon lights, effect pedals and a loose jack cable
D (2013) for bowed psalterium, glockenspiel and gran cassa
H (2017) for 4 musicians, tuning forks and motors
Monodactyl (2016) for 5 musicians and their fingers
e (2017) for 3 musicians, 15 fluorescent lights and 1 triangle

Through the past several years danish composer Simon Løffler has created a handfull of pieces that seek to explore instruments as a natural extension of the body. A new instrumental approach is sought to create a music that researches the fine details of movements inherent in our body parts. The tour is produced by Ensemble Adapter, in collaboration with G((ong)) Tomorrow, Elbphilharmonie and Festspielhaus Hellerau, supported by initiative neue musik berlin e.V. and KODA Culture.

Open Mic
Come by, work with us!
How it works: Open Mic Video

Di | 20. November | 17:00-19:00
ExRotaprint | Gottschedstrasse 4 | Aufgang 4

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