Adapter News 09/21

Open Mic
Faroe Islands

31. August & 2. September 2021 | 15:30
Reinsaríðið, Tórshavn

Come by and work with us!
This is how it works:

The German-Icelandic Ensemble Adapter is widely known for their concerts in the field of contemporary music. They tour all over the world with both premieres and selected pieces from the recent past - but this time there is no preplanned program. Instead of giving a traditional concert, Adapter will provide established as well as new composers a chance to have their compositions tested by professional musicians.Whether this is the first time ever you will hear the music you have written played live or if you just need some feedback on a solo piece commissioned by a recognized ensemble, come by with printed sheets and let Adapter present your music. The instruments harp, clarinets, percussion, flutes and some electronic equipment will be present on stage, so make sure your music is playable on one or more of these instruments. You are, of course, also welcome to just stop by, listen and grab a drink in the bar that will be open all night.

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