Adapter News 07/19

Global Adapter
Adapter & Distractfold & Dal Niente
Sun | 21. July | Radialsystem
19:00 Pre-Concert Talk
20:00 Concert

Jo Kondo - An Insular Style (Ensemble Adapter)
Sam Salem - Not one can pass away (Distractfold Ensemble)
Jessie Marino - 737-800 (Ensemble Dal Niente)
Hanna Hartman - Dust Devil (Distractfold Ensemble)
Alejandro Acierto - New work (Ensemble Dal Niente)
Natacha Diels - Sad Music for Lonely People (Ensemble Adapter)

Lee Fraser - Scii Tenaph II (WP) for four channel tape
George Lewis - New Work (WP) for three ensembles
Jenna Lyle - Everything Touches.. (WP) for three ensembles
Alexander Schubert - Star Me Kitten (2015/19) for voice, three ensembles, electronics and video

One network, two concerts, and five ensembles from three continents: On two summer evenings at Radialsystem, the two-part project “Global Adapter” brings together five internationally pioneering ensembles for contemporary music. In July the Berlin (host) formation Adapter welcomes the ensembles Dal Niente from Chicago and Distractfold from Manchester. The International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) and the Ensemble Offspring are bringing reinforcements from New York and Sydney for the opening of the Month of Contemporary Music in September. Produced by Ensemble Adapter. Supported by Musikfonds (Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien) & Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. In collaboration with radialsystem & Month of Contemporary Music, presented by field notes.

Ensemblekollektiv Berlin & Enno Poppe
Speicher (for large ensemble)
Sat | 6. July | 19:00
Bayrischer Rundfunk | München

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