Adapter News 05/20

Weimarer Frühjahrstage Online

Fri | 29. May | 20:30 (CET)
Livestream on YouTube & Facebook
(available for one week)

Paul Clift - Shadow Art II (2018)
for flute, voice & real-time electronics
Barblina Meierhans - Ähm Me, Hm [i], and M (2015)
experimental set-up for four performers
Joanna Bailie - Station (2019)
for harp, video and electronic sound
Mohammad H. Javaheri - Encountering Re-encounter (2020/WP)
for flute, clarinets, percussion, harp & electronics
Jesper Pedersen - Kesselschleicher (2017)
for contrabass clarinet, electronics and video
Natacha Diels - Sad Music for Lonely People (2019)
for samplers, harp, percussion and voice

Recorded live at ExRotaprint Berlin
Martin Offik, sound director
Jan Brauer, video director
Jakob Klaffs, live camera

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