Adapter News 02/19

Simon Løffler - e
New video:

Ensemble Adapter performing Simon Løffler's "e"
for three musicians playing fluorescent lights and triangles

Filmed at ExRotaprint/Berlin, November 2018
Camera: Silvia Procopio, Max Valenti
Editing: Max Valenti
Sound: Martin Offik

Masters on Monday
presented by Alt Festival

Mon | 18. February | 19:30
Royal Danish Academy of Music
Copenhagen | Denmark

Mads Emil Dreyer - Forsvindere 3 (2019) WP
for vibraphone, sampler and tape
Carsten Bo Eriksen - Vox Eternal (2018) WP
for clarinet, cello, harp, percussion and tape
Ejnar Kanding - Stillstehen (2009-2017) WP
for bass clarinet, cello, harp, percussion and electronics

Open Mic
Come by, work with us!

Tue | 26. February | 17:00-19:00
ExRotaprint | Gottschedstrasse 4 | Aufgang 4
Open Mic 2019

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