Lumen – Reflections on the nature of light

Reflections on the nature of light
Concert series Glückliche Strandung | Berlin
Reykjavík Arts Festival | Iceland

2009/2010“Lumen” is the name of the unit used to measure the perceived power of light. Italian composer Franco Donatoni named a composition after this scientific term in 1975. The project „Lumen“ is exploring the visual potential of music as well as the musical potential of light. Three new audio-visual compositions by Finnish composers Antti Auvinen and Sami Klemola and Icelandic visual artist Halldór Úlfarsson conclude “Lumen” as an interdisciplinary and intercultural project – featuring both music and light. For publicity the ensemble collaborated with the independent agency Fatcap Marketing in Berlin.

Franco Donatoni - Lumen (1975) 
Sami Klemola – Preesens (2009) 
Matthias Pintscher – A twilight’s song (1997)
Halldór Úlfarsson – Eyes are speaking (2009)
Antti Auvinen – Air (2009)


1. Trailer (Halldór Úlfarsson)
2. Halldór Úlfarsson - Eyes are speaking 
3. Sami Klemola - Preesens
Foto: Harry Weber | Design: Sven Kils